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Hello world!

Info you need to know:

Name: Aleksandra (Sasha in short)
Nickname: "a little of something" or just ALOS
Age: 21
Communication language: English, Russian
Current residense: Latvia, Riga
Occupation: Artist

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I am NOT taking requests.
However, that's not always the case. Keep an eye on my blog to see announcements for random stuff.

I will be shortly selling goods, stay tuned.

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I bought a canvas today, 20x20 cm.

Really want to paint somepony.

Would like to try out Twilight, who would you like to see?

Was (or is?) Lola's dad an athlete of sorts?

Lola isn’t sure herself so I don’t know. What I do know is that he taught Lola how much excersise is important.

Lola was born male, but her parents wanted a filly, so they had her sex magically changed to female.


What if Inkie started calling you mommy?

I’d say “bby come here Mama ALOS will love you” and hug Inkie

are you vegetarian?
by Anonymous

Yeah, I can’t dygest meat or fish. I don’t like those products anyway so I don’t loose much.

Headcanon, Alos is Lola's half sister, but they had a massive fight as fillies, so Lola wont go anywhere near the ground cos "Stinky ALOS" lives there.
by Anonymous

Lola would call me stinky but her ground story is different. c:

How would Miss Lola react to Inks calling her "mommy?"

She’d freak out and go like “I DON’T HAVE KIDS DO I I DUNNO AAAHHHH”

Lola paints thunderstorm cloads so that ponys she don't like can't see which of the clouds are dangerous now and which are not :U

That’s a thing she can do theoretically

Lola still isn't inkie's mom/sister or whatever tumblr said she was back when I first started

Mom and it was my friend Brennan xp
Of course she isn’t. I bet they aren’t related in any way.

i still kinda imagine you delivering a sick spinning heel kick. not too sure why.

Well maybe someday.

Lola likes pushing thunderstorms over the Ponyville orphanage.
by Anonymous

I should totally put that in her blog if she wants to seem cruel. XD

Headcannon about you, you can kick super hard.

I’m weak (and sick) physically. Totally not true.

Headcanon, Lola loves to hug her loved ones, but doesn't want to ask for hugs
by Anonymous

Headcanon accepted, you have no idea :)

You and Putuk have a hidden love, but Robotnik tries to steal him away from you.

Me and Putuk have broken up that time long time go and don’t wanna return to it

(Blatant lies I tell ya)

lola don´t wash herself because she thinks she don´t live at the ground and so it´s not necessary :U

The opposite is true however, Lola loves looking after herself and that means she washes herself a lot.