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Hello world!

Info you need to know:

Name: Aleksandra (Sasha in short)
Nickname: "a little of something" or just ALOS
Age: 21
Communication language: English, Russian
Current residense: Latvia, Riga
Occupation: Artist

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I am NOT taking requests.
However, that's not always the case. Keep an eye on my blog to see announcements for random stuff.

I will be shortly selling goods, stay tuned.

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I have to be upfront right now and say that half of the stuff in here I didn’t pay for it. My good buddies Twilight, Norman, Ian, Anti and many more chimed in and bought me some of this sweet, sweet swag. Have a list underneath with all I got and by whom.

1 - BUCK: Legacy, 2nd Edition - This was the one and only thing I really wanted to put my hands on at the convention. This kickass Table Top RPG was created by Harrison Hochkins and illustrated by Atryl and Petirep amongst others. Love this stuff, I can’t wait to introduce it to my buddies.

2 - Rarity Print “Be a Good Baby drawn by DennyButt, one of my buddies got me this.

3 - TY Rarity Plushie - My crazy friend Twilight got me this, along with a few more things.

4 - “Mechanic Dash" print drawn by Somnias, which I also got from one of my buddies and on the last day of the con even!

5 - Movie Slate fanart pics drawn by Mecha.

6 - Rarity tin box from Enterplay, along with…

7 - …a pile of the MLP: FiM CCG that my friend Twilight got me. I think I have enough to make three decks.

8 - Movie Slate print drawn by Anticular Pony, this one will be framed and hung on my wall behind my computer.

9 - Very last piece of pony merch I bought in the trip. I got this one in the airport while waiting for my flight.

10 - Movie Slate fanart drawn by Alos. She’s going crazy with Movies.

11 - Disgruntled Movie Slate fanart, and I am ashamed to admit I forgot who drew this one ^_^; Dude, if you read this send me a message, I want to properly credit you.

The wonderful guy who drew this picture is Eternal-Savvy! I am such an idiot, how could I forget!? I followed you right after you gave me this picture!

12 - My ID Card along with my Celestia and Guest wristbands which opened doors and allowed me to go places at the con.

13 - The official BUCK 2014 Poster. Very stylish!

14 - Flutterbat print drawn by Twigileia, very juicy! I got her to sign it and everything, Twigie is a kick ass lady <3

15 - Elements of Cyberpunk print drawn by BrainedbySaucepans, and along with this also came buttons based on this print. Gotta love some cyber ponies.

16 - Rarity magnet. Because Rarara.

17 - Rarity Pool print, drawn by Adlynh, and signed by none other but Dave Polsky! His signature reads “Congratu-pony-lations!”.

18 - BUCK’s official keychain. Really cool.

19 - Twilight Sparkle Hyperactivity, drawn by the superb Twigileia, yet another kick-ass print by a kick-ass artist.

20 - Superstar Rarity by Dennybutt, this one mysteriously appeared in my folder while I was at the hotel. I have no idea who got me this one, but thank you!

21 - Rarity’s Crystal Cave by Alittleofsomething, yet another print that mysteriously appeared inside my folder at night. I should be worried, shouldn’t I?

22 - Movie Slate buttons provided by my buddy Norman Sanzo.

23 - A Gundam Robot fully assembled, thanks to my buddy Norman who got it for me. Way to end a post about pony swag!

And that’s about it.

This was crazy, I never got this much merchandise at a convention, not even the ones at my own country. Thankfully I managed to transport all of this without further trouble, no issues with weight limit or anything like that. Now to frame and hang those prints :D

Hey guys look, two of my things got displayed :B 10 and 21

Btw, number 21 has been traided for a sketch! I have it in my sketchbook ouo

Seems that I won’t be very active in the Internet for the next few days. Oh well.

OMG guys I finished  A COMMISSION today,

Wow such achievement much joy.

I feel so peaceful today that I just wanna draw without speaking to anybody to some relaxing music.


Pony everpony should know by Dashiana

Anything we can do to help you now that you're settled?

Aw you’re so cute. I got your print! Thank you for doing that I really appreciate it XP

Anyway right now will be making a new paypal account if I can do it without my new bank card @.@ It’s gonna be ready at Monday. Or I might draw something I dunno. We’ll see. Thanks for the offer though, I’d appreciate if you shared my new print sale post once I do it :)

How was the trip and everything?

It was tiring. Today I am SO CHILLED.

It’s crazy.

Getting stuff done sloooowlyyyyyyyy.

Got plenty of time yo and it’s only 9 am.

Does anybody know any pony songs from DivinElegy? I’m too lazy to search on my own right now, there’s too many. Found only one so far in a pack.

I forgot to mention, but at Buck I met Coco Pommel ouo
We took a picture together
 thortashas it&#8217;s yooouuuuu

I forgot to mention, but at Buck I met Coco Pommel ouo
We took a picture together

thortashas it’s yooouuuuu

hiii, it's the other Coco Pommel you took a selfie with at BUCK here~! XD cool to find you on here, if you happen to have that pic I'd love to see it btw! Hope you had an awesome weekend anyway ^_^

I do have it! Imma post it now! Thanks for telling who you are xP

Home sweet home!
Just connected to the net recently, now getting ready for bed. So tired.
I was home at 4&#160;pm then me and mom started chatting and I went to do some stuff in the city :B

So yeah.

Home sweet home!
Just connected to the net recently, now getting ready for bed. So tired.
I was home at 4 pm then me and mom started chatting and I went to do some stuff in the city :B

So yeah.

Omg passing places I’ve known for ages but haven’t been to it a while.
Pretty sights, shitty economy YEE GO LATVIA

- What is that?
- That’s where Latvian trains go.
- No wei we’re in Latvia?
- Ye, welcome to my shithole that I call home.

Riga is close. About 50 km away.

Good luck on your journey
by Anonymous

It’s almost over xp but thanks anyway!

Be the best, do the thing.

I will be the very best…