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Hello world!

Info you need to know:

Name: Aleksandra (Sasha in short)
Nickname: "a little of something" or just ALOS
Age: 21
Communication language: English, Russian
Current residense: Latvia, Riga
Occupation: Artist

Mod pony reference here (click the word "here")

I am NOT taking requests.
However, that's not always the case. Keep an eye on my blog to see announcements for random stuff.

I will be shortly selling goods, stay tuned.

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Ok sorry for the post last night guys. That wasn’t needed.

This fundraiser is wrong. I’m not worth it. I should earn money on my own. I just can’t. I don’t have enough energy to work on stuff every day .-. I’m ranting at this point but fuck is this fundraiser wrong or what. However, logically I should take any help I can. I guess I won’t be reblogging that post to Lola at all. Or reblog it here again.


Sound advice for all artists. 

So true


Sound advice for all artists. 

So true

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Coco Shy Pommel by Moenkin

I see a sassy Coco here pffft


Coco Shy Pommel by Moenkin

I see a sassy Coco here pffft

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Time for the Tumblrpon community to come together again to help one of their own in need!

ALOS, aka Sasha, is the mod of Pegasus Lola (and a few other lesser-known blogs). Whether you’re a follower or not, you’ve probably seen Lola flittering around the Tumblrverse, since ALOS is an extremely active and interactive member of the community. She promotes new blogs, maintains a unique and interesting universe, sends questions flying all over the dang place, and does a ton of super-fun livestreams!

However, there’s a bit of an issue. You see, until recently, she was studying in England, living with a friend. She moved back home to Latvia for various reasons, however she had to borrow the money to do this. On top of this, she’s had health problems her whole life. Digestive issues, nervous issues, and others that make it quite hard for her to go about day-to-day life without malaise of some kind. Thankfully, her problems are treatable through yoga therapy and medicine, but again this requires funds.

Hence, the purpose of this fundraiser! All of these super-generous artists, musicians and voice actors have agreed to offer commissions to benefit Sasha, many of which I’m sure you’ll recognize in the collages. Overall, we hope to raise $1000 to help ALOS pay off her travel debts, as well as fund a years worth of medicine and therapy. And, if we somehow manage to raise even more than that, she might be able to come to Bronycon next year (with proper paperwork) to sell her wares! Spend money to make money, as they say.

How you can help: By clicking this link or this link, you can access spreadsheets that give the details as to what sorts of things you can commission in order to help Sasha. The first is sorted by Artist, and the second is sorted by Money. That way, if you’re only interested in getting something from a particular artist, you can look at the Artist spreadsheet, but if you have a set budget and want to see what you can get from who, you can use the Money spreadsheet. To navigate them, you can either use the links within or the sheet navigator on the bottom. Once you’ve decided what you want, please email Fisherpon at with the commission information. Which artist you want to commission from, what you want to commission, and any necessary references.

That will start the process of this drive, which follows the same system set up for the TJ Drive late last year. Therefore, in the explanation, replace all mentions of TJ with ALOS.

If you want to ask questions regarding the drive, feel free to send me messages about it. You can also send your Skype address via this method if you want, which will be answered privately. All publicly answered questions about the drive will be tagged #alos-drive. As you may notice, this drive has no specific end date. This drive will go on as long as there are artists willing to donate their work for it. Hence, you should get your commission as soon as possible, in case the artist you want it from drops out before you go for it. Some artists are only offering a few commission slots!

If you are an artist and want to participate, everyone and anyone’s welcome to join! Just use the same contact methods as above to get ahold of me and let me know. I’ll need the name you want to be identified as, any drawblogs/tumblrs/DAs/FAs you have, the types of things you want to offer, the prices you want to offer those things at, and examples.

I know $1000 is a lofty goal, but when it comes to things like health every little bit helps. I’m very grateful to not only the artists, who are offering their time and talents to help someone that I know a lot of them have never even met, but also to every single one of you who purchases commissions through this event. It’ll go towards helping a really fun person take care of herself so she can remain active in the community, and without your help those smiles wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you all so, so much. Pokes after the break.

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I can’t believe it’s been done.
I can’t believe I have said yes to this whole thing
I am not sure should I reblog it to Lola.

I am offering my prints for sale there as well so you just should probably buy some from meee
Do it do it

Health problems!
Health problems everywhere!

I'm pretty sure you don't miss the wet climate of England.

I have yet to live in perfect climate.

How is Latvia today?

It was sunny today, clear and cold at night. Surprisingly enough we don’t have much rains… yet.



Genndy Tartakovsky’s POPEYE Animation Test


I am soooooooo fangirling right now

'cause favorite animator yiss


This will be repeated 10 times until I draw all of the pallettes!

3 2 1 GOGOGO

Are you ready?



Lola, be nice, they can’t help their groundiness. ask-pegasus-lola

No never


Lola, be nice, they can’t help their groundiness. ask-pegasus-lola

No never



The Mane Six and their dolls series by uotapo

Too adorable for words…


get it right. G0d!!

(right-click, view image for better quality)


Stumbled across this channel and damn does this video has a point.

Finishing a commission and I don’t like what I’ve done with the face of the character at all T3T She looks really old now and I had to draw the facial part that I really dislike. Gonna show later.