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a little of something

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Hello world!
I am "a little of something", but you can call me ALOS C: My real name is Aleksandra (Sasha in short) but I'd prefer if you called me by my nickname.

There are a few things you must know about me:
1) I’m a girl and I’m 21 years old.
2) I’m Russian Latvian (aka Russian from Latvia)
3) I speak Russian and English
4) Currently I live in Bradford which is located in UK
5) This blog is for whatever the hell I want to, mostly reblogging the stuff I like
6) I’m an artist and I post my art on occasions. Click the link to view some of the art
7) I have a lot of ideas, and that means a lot of original characters.
8) How do I look like? Have a reference!
9) I have a lot of blogs, one of them is linked below as a button

Deviantart page

Also I would appreciate if you supported me by donating some money (but I’d feel more relaxed if you commissioned me)

Dec 28 '13
I doodled Dusky before bed.
Hearts, hearts everywhere.

I doodled Dusky before bed.
Hearts, hearts everywhere.

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