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Hello world!
I am "a little of something", but you can call me ALOS C:
My real name is Aleksandra (Sasha in short) but I'd prefer if you called me by my nickname.

I am a 21 year old girl, and this blog is used for whatever the heck I want.

I know Russian and English and can communicate in both languages pretty well. Russian is my native.
That means I AM NOT FROM RUSSIA. I'm from Latvia.

I am an artist but I don't take requests unless otherwise stated in recent posts.
I have a few ask blogs and when I get around to it I will link them all. For now have Lola's blog (warning contains pony)

In this blog I draw myself either as a human, mouse, pony or in r63 version of myself. Have a reference for the pony.

I am a freelance artist but I would appreciate if you donated me a few bucks. You'll receive a thank you sketch for a donation.

I doodled Dusky before bed.
Hearts, hearts everywhere.

I doodled Dusky before bed.
Hearts, hearts everywhere.

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