Commission to-do list

Hello world!

Info you need to know:

Name: Aleksandra (Sasha in short)
Nickname: "a little of something" or just ALOS
Age: 21
Communication language: English, Russian
Current residense: Latvia, Riga
Occupation: Artist

Mod pony reference here (click the word "here")

I am NOT taking requests.
However, that's not always the case. Keep an eye on my blog to see announcements for random stuff.

I will be shortly selling goods, stay tuned.

One of my blogs

You can find those prints in digital version here: Scoots, Luna and Sweetie, Rarity, Lola, Trixie, Coco, Cheese Pie and Twilight.



Well it’s your lucky day, pal!

I have a lot of physical copies to get rid of so this week until 7th of August you can get those prints for HALF A PRICE!!!

That’s my way of saying “Hey sorry I didn’t get to Bronycon2014

Each print costs only 5$ each! And if you tell me which mane 6 pony is best, you will get a SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR FREE!!!

The shipping costs +10$ extra but you don’t have to pay it if you don’t want to!

You’ll have to entrust your full name and home address.

I swear it will be absolutely confidential and as soon as the letter is send and received, I will delete the address from my computer.

'cause you know, business 'n' all.

The full price for each print is 10$, 5$ for each postcard + 10$ extra for shipping.


OK so here’s the deal… GAAAASP

I was hoping to sell prints to raise a bit funds to move back to my mom in the end of August. If I had enough, I’d get all of my luggage shipped to Latvia, plus I’d buy all the needed tickets. Also I’d spend money on returning a few debts and I’d save something for the future, because I need to fix my physical health and the needed treatment will most likely cost a lot.

But then Bronycon didn’t happen. Not only I can’t sell, I let a lot of people down. I’ve actually contacted some of them. Peeps will get da prints.

Here are a few examples of the letters I will be sending at Monday P:

Not only that, the prints are heavy as fuck and they take up space in my luggage =_= I would really appreciate if you took the weight off my shoulders.

About Putuks prints - you’ll have to contact him about that, he will sell his prints himself.

Again, I’m so sorry about this whole situation.

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